Payment Posting

Payment posting in medical billing is a critical part of revenue cycle management. It helps providers get a fair estimate of reimbursements trends and overall financial status. Besides, it helps in addressing denials in the most effective ways. We assure our clients quick turnaround time with the help of a well-defined posting process.  We follow the best payment posting practices and information security mandates to meet your business requirements as per industry standards.

Our End-to-End Payment Posting Process:

The payment posting process, in many ways, provides a view of the effectiveness of your revenue cycle.
What Is Payment Posting In RCM For Medical Billing?

Why Synergy Healthcare?

  • Patient Balances- We reconcile the accounts correctly and bill the balance to the patient promptly.
  • Reviewing Denials- We do accurate posting of remittance or EOBs, which helps AR staff to work on denied claims. It also helps identify problems with payers that may impact multiple patients.
  • Reviewing Write-offs & Adjustments- We Review write-offs and adjustments against fee schedules and policies to disclose errors in payments.
  • Secondary Claims- Our quick turn around process of EOBs from the primary payer to secondary or even to tertiary payer will result in faster complete payment of claim. 
  • Identifying Internal Factors– Checking the denial and payment information reveals if any internal factors such as prior authorization issues or coding issues, so that these issues are prevented.
  • Data Analysis- Our team analyses the information by compiling payments and denied claims reasons which helps us in revenue forecasting.
  • Reconcile Payments with ERAs/EOBs- Our Payment posting team reconciles the incoming checks, credit card payments and EFTs with the statements from payers to safeguard the funds received. This helps control over misrouted funds or lost checks.


We Help You Streamline Payment Posting By:

Payment Posting in Medical Billing app

Identifying denials for medical necessity, non-covered service, service not authorized, etc. and prevent them from occurring again.

Why is Payment Posting in Medical Billing Important

Updating patient responsibility when there is a difference between allowed amount and payment amount.

A Guide To Payment Posting In Medical Billing

Writing off the difference between actual claim submitted and claims received.

Payment Posting and Reconciliation Services

Conducting routine payment reviews to keep receivables updated.

Payment Posting is Important in the Medical Billing

Tracking payment patterns to identify inconsistencies and trends.

Payment Posting Software Experience

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