Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription is the process of converting free flow medical dictation into electronically formatted patient records

Medical transcription is the process of typing the voice records of healthcare professionals into text files. And although that sounds trivial, it brings a huge relief to healthcare practitioners. The transcribed medical reports are usually created in digital format and submitted to the hospital’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) or Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system. Most hospitals have switched from the traditional paper filing system to electronic health records. And medical transcription makes this so much easier to do as well. Transcribed files are available as text documents that can be saved directly to the hospital’s server or the cloud. So, anytime a provider needs to issue medical reports, all they need to do is download and print the files.

Steps involved in Medical Transcription Process:

Best Medical Transcription Services in 2022

Types Of Medical Transcription Services

Lab Report Transcription
Patient Chart Transcription
Medical Record Summary Transcription
Emergency Room Report Transcription
Discharge Summary Transcription
Clinical Summary Transcription
Medical Transcription Services Online
Medical History Transcription
Progress Notes Transcription
Surgery Notes Transcription
Rehabilitation Report Transcription
SOAP Notes Transcription
Medical Correspondence Transcription
Physical Report Transcription
Pediatric/Geriatric Report Transcription
Operative Reports Transcription
Teleconference Notes Transcription

Why Synergy HCLS?

Over 99% Quality

Our three-tier work-flow ensures that a quality check is done on each file before submission. The transcriptionists assigned to each client account have ample experience in that specialty to ensure that medical terminologies are correctly transcribed. Each transcript from the template to the patient details to the dictation is checked twice for accuracy.

Negligible Error Rate

All transcription work is done by experienced professionals and not by any speech recognition software, to ensure error-free transcripts.

Less than 24 Hour Turnaround

With delivery centers located in India, most of our North American customers benefit from our overnight turnaround time (less than 24 hours). Because of the time advantage, we will ensure that reports are made available to you quicker than ever.

100% HIPAA Compliance

Synergy HCLS’ healthcare processes are 100% HIPAA compliant. Every member of our medical transcription team undergoes regular HIPAA training. 

Single Point of Contact

When you choose Synergy HCLS as a partner and outsource your project to us, we will assign a dedicated project manager who will be the single point of contact. The person will be responsible for keeping you updated about the project status and resolve any issues that you may have.

Medical Transcription Services to hospitals, multi-specialty clinics, physician practices, and healthcare institutions.

Experienced Transcription Team

Each medical transcriptionist graduates from a rigorous three-month medical transcription training before being inducted into our team. Some of our transcriptionists and proofreaders are physiotherapists and therapists who are well acquainted with medical terminologies.

Easy Scalability

Our medical transcription team at Synergy HCLS has the required skills, bandwidth, and the resources to easily ramp up the medical transcription service requirement within a quick time as and when the client’s requirement arises.

Affordable Pricing Options

Working with us for medical transcription services can be highly cost-effective and easy. We provide our clients with highly affordable pricing options which will suit the client’s budget and help them in boosting their revenue.

Free Trial Offer

Try us before you sign-up! We can offer a free trial on a sample project for you, to demonstrate our transcription capabilities. Send us sample transcripts, templates and sample audio files.

Medical Transcription Software Experience

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