Anesthesia Coding Services

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Anesthesiology is the medical specialty in which Anesthesiologist provides total perioperative care to the patient, using anesthesia and anesthetics before, during and after surgery to support vital functions through the perioperative period safely. Administration of the right dosage of drugs to the patient is done by Anesthesiologist, so that patient does not feel any pain or regain consciousness during surgery. They are also responsible for waking the patient post-surgery.

The Anesthesiologist, CRNA( Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists), and Anesthesiologist Assistant (AA) are the different levels of Anesthesia Providers. We at Synergy HCLS, help them to get billed correctly for their services and get reimbursement to the maximum.

Anesthesia Coding Services

Whether your practice or hospital needs stand-alone anesthesia coding support or comprehensive anesthesia coding and billing services, the Synergy HCLS team of skilled, certified coders is ready to work for you today.

Anesthesia coding is one of the most important pieces of the billing process. Coding professionals must understand complex regulatory requirements and the clinical work being performed in great detail. Synergy HCLS hires and trains highly experienced and certified coders with the skills to perform this task at a high level of proficiency every day. Our “standards of ethical coding” highlight the “decision-making” dimensions of coding and outline the company’s expectations for making ethical decisions. All coding work is audited by quality assurance experts to ensure the highest accuracy.

Synergy HCLS Anesthesia Coders

Synergy HCLS Anesthesia Coders

anesthesia code billed is appended with a modifier. The incorrect use of modifiers routinely ranks among the top billing errors
  • Apply accurate, complete and consistent coding practices.
  • Assign and report only the codes that are clearly and consistently supported by the coding documentation. This documentation can include forms, records and other electronic and/or scanned images of clinical procedures and other medical services.
  • Adhere to ICD coding conventions and the official coding guidelines approved by the Cooperating Parties (the American Health Information Management Association, American Hospital Association, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and National Center for Health Statistics).
  • Follow CPT rules established by the American Medical Association, and any other official coding rules and guidelines established by the industry.
  • Assign accurate Anesthesia Crosswalk code for the procedure performed.
  • Seek clarification and proper documentation from the provider prior to assigning codes when documentation is conflicting, incomplete or ambiguous.
  • Are credentialed through AHIMA, AAPC or other accredited professional coding organizations and follow all procedures necessary to maintain these credentials.

Elements of Anesthesia Billing

Anesthesia billing can become complicated as it requires documentation of a high number of records, such as:

Pre-operative Review. The pre-operative review consists of the patient’s and their family’s medical history, drug, or tobacco habits that have to be taken into account while calculating the required dosage of anesthetics.

Anesthesia Sheet. The Anesthesia sheet involves the documentation of the following:

Base Units: The base units reflect the complexity and the skills required for the anesthetic service provided. The CMS publishes the base units once every year.

Time Units: This is the time spent with the patient administering the anesthetic or monitoring the patient’s condition before, after, or during the surgery. Time units are calculated by dividing the total minutes of service by 15

Modifiers: Anesthesia “provision/supervision” modifiers (-AA, -QK, -QY, -QZ, and -QX) explain the role of the anesthesiologist and CRNA. These modifiers are essential for clarifying whether an anesthesia procedure was personally performed, medically directed, or medically supervised by an anesthesiologist. 

Formula: (Base Units + Time Units + Modifiers) x Conversion Factor = Anesthesia Reimbursement

Bundled services:  Do not bill the following procedures along with anesthesia procedures.

Do not bill for the Injection of diagnostic or therapeutic substances along with anesthesia procedures (62320 – 62321 and 62324 – 62325)

Nerve Blocks (64400 – 64530)

Transesophageal Echo (TEE) (93312 – 93318)

Laryngoscopy (31505, 31515, 31527)

Bronchoscopy (31622, 31645, 31646)

Code of Conduct

We bring nothing less than excellence, knowledge, and accuracy while building a revenue cycle devoid of defects for your practice. Our team strives to introduce a friction-free billing, coding, claim submission, and payment posting process. To help achieve maximum reimbursements, we ensure that.

  • Consistent accounts receivable follow-up is performed.
  • Prior authorization is performed regularly.
  • The anesthesiologist is credentialed and eligible to be reimbursed in a regular man. 
  • Our denials team focuses on shifting your focus from denial management to denial prevention.
anesthesia code billed is appended with a modifier. The incorrect use of modifiers routinely ranks among the top billing errors

We also provide following services to Anesthesiologists:

AR and Payment Posting
Denial Management
Physician Credentialing
Medical Record Transcription
Medical Summarization

Healthcare Software Experience

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