Medical Record Summarization

Benefits of Medical Records Summarization · Reduces the time spent sorting the medical records by medical staff or law firm professionals

Medical summarization is the process of categorizing and analyzing intricate medical data, and converting into medico-legally authenticated records. With advancement in the medical technology, large amounts of medical data get recorded at various facilities every minute. Medical summarization ensures that all of this information is organized according to the litigation requirement of the client. Our services focus on making your work easy and efficient.

Medical summarization services are a boon to the healthcare industry. Synergy HCLS offers fast-paced medical record summary services to amend complex medical data into concise high-quality medical records for easy assimilation.

Medical Record Summarization Process:

Outsource Medical Record Summary Services

Our summarizing medical records mainly focusing on:

  • Independent medical exams
  • Consultations, observation, impressions, follow-up and other treatment plans
  • Insurance claim settlements handled by medical management companies
  • Workmen compensation etc.
  • Qualified or agreed medical evaluators (IME records)
  • Legal firms which are dealing with injury cases and independent medical attorneys
  • Hospital, clinics
  • Social security disability and more
Requesting your medical records. Patient Requests. Download, print and complete the authorization form.

We Serve

  • Record Retrieval companies
  • Law firms dealing with Personal Injury and workers compensation cases.
  • Independent Medico-Legal Attorneys.
  • Medical documentation management companies.

Why Synergy HCLS for Medical Summarization

Medical Summarization and medical record organization

Fast analysis of the vast medical data.

What Is Medical Summarization?
Reduced paperwork and better archival options.

Save upto 40% time.

Medical Record Summarization Services USA
Improved source data quality through multiple reviews.

Healthcare software experience

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