Understanding Accounts Receivable Management: A Proper Guide

In the medical industry, the term Accounts Receivable (AR) is one that is used on a regular basis. Medical organizations that tend to sell their services and products make use of the accounts receivable process in order to guarantee management and tracking at every step that is involved during the collection of payment. 

The term accounts receivable refers to the practice through which payment from a customer is obtained at a certain time. It is an important component when it comes to building profitability and liquidity along with making sure that bad debts are avoided. It might sound easy but there are many intricacies that are linked to the account receivable process than just merely receiving a certain payment. 

An AR management process that is efficient and strong can make a lot of difference when it comes to earning a huge profit margin for your business. One of the reasons that many companies tend to lag behind on their profit margin is because they make use of manual processes in order to operate the accounts receivable which tends to lead the way to many roadblocks that eventually puts pressure on customer satisfaction and impact the flow of cash. 

In order to have a better understanding of the AR process and how it holds up the accounts receivable engine, it is important to first be clear with the understanding of the basics. Read this article to know more about the components that form an important part of the Accounts Receivable. 

What Is Accounts Receivable Management?

What Is Accounts Receivable Management & How to Improve It

Accounts receivable management refers to different processes that are generally used in order to gain a cohesive understanding of AR and also ensure that the payments are collected in due time. Accounts Receivable includes all the credit for the earlier purchases which later on is used as a recorded asset on the balance sheet of the organization. Since Accounts Receivable is considered to be a current asset and a legal obligation, customers must make sure that they pay the outstanding balance within a certain time period.  

Understanding the basics of account receivable is important since it helps in gaining a perception of AR management which tends to be a very crucial aspect for any organization. 

With strong AR management, a medical organization can quite easily maintain customer loyalty. Therefore, allowing the customers to make the necessary purchases taking into consideration the credit will help in the establishment of an eased out transactional relationship. When that relationship is therefore strengthened through constant communication it is only beneficial for the organization itself. 

With proper AR management, sending particular documents and invoices becomes an easy task. This allows the customers to keep a track of the payments that are due. When an organization has successful accounts receivable management programs, it allows them to maintain a steady flow of income which reduces shortages. For a business to run smoothly this is an important aspect that cannot be overlooked. 

Since an organization’s business is dependent upon the revenue that they earn, avoiding delayed customer payments is of the greatest importance. Medical institutions must be effective in managing their accounts in order to increase their working capital and also be able to pay the bills. 

When it comes to US medical billing companies, for instance, the AR department ensures that proper maintenance of medical collection and billing is done. If for instance, a medical organization is unable to collect payments from the patients on time, it will limit their flow of cash thereby rendering them ineffective when it comes to covering their operating costs. 

Benefits Of Outsourcing Accounts Receivable Services

Benefits of Outsourcing Accounts Receivables in 2022

When it comes to Revenue Cycle Management medical coding services are a crucial component for the proper working of a medical organization. Hospitals tend to outsource medical billing and services in order to get the maximum amount of profit. 

  1. Improves the payment and billing procedure; With a partner that is efficient, the process of Account Receivable becomes easier. They tend to handle the process of insurance verification accurately and swiftly. This entire process begins with the claim process and also with the process of billing for the copay of the patient. This particular process will not take more than a period of 30 days. However, if it takes more than the specified front, investigating would be your best bet.
  2. Speeds up the process of the collection; A dedicated team can always stay updated with the process of collection. This allows them to get the due payments faster. If you were to use your in-house staff, it would decrease the overall productivity thereby lessening the amount of revenue earned. Outsourcing billing services will help in speeding up the process of collection.
  3. Document management department; After moving the AR staff out of the office, proper dedication to providing top-notch healthcare comes into play. Healthcare billing staff can focus on the process of medical billing while the medical professionals can take their time to care for the patients and their needs.
  4. Lessens the administrative overhead; Staff of the bills receivable account are always under a lot of work pressure. They must be proficient in order to handle this much work pressure which is why outsourcing them is always the best option that you could go for. The aspect of accounts receivable can be quite costly, to say the least therefore outsourcing is what most medical institutions tend to go for.
  5. Saves operational costs and time; It is important to buy the latest technology and diagnostic procedure to make sure that the operational cost and time gets saved. Moreover, advanced and newer types of equipment will be better for your business as well since it will attract more customers. 


There are a number of opportunities and advantages that outsourcing has. If you were to look at the accounts receivable analysis you would find out that outsourced staff will yield better results than if you were to depend upon in-house staff. If you’re looking to outsource the medical billing part of your healthcare business, Synergy HCLS can be an excellent option to consider.