An Essential Guide To ICD-10: All You Need to Know

CDT Codes with one or more possible ICD-10-CM diagnostic codes

 ICD-10 refers to the medical coding system that was made by WHO (World Health Organization) in order to categorize all of the health conditions that are similar to one another and also where all of the conditions are listed in a proper manner. These help in having a more nuanced definition for each of the […]

What Are The Latest Medical Billing And Coding Changes In 2022?

Changes in Medical Coding Guidelines for 2022 - synergyhcls

Medical evolution is inevitable, right from the beginning you might have seen how much the medical industry has constantly evolved and grown over the years. Technology has brought about changes that are quite important and has improved the overall healthcare industry. The U.S medical industry, in general, is ginormous and is constantly undergoing evolution. To […]