Ways To Increase Reimbursements Through Effective RCM Strategies

Reliability centred maintenance (RCM) is a corporate-level maintenance strategy that is implemented to optimize the maintenance program of a company or facility.

The process of Revenue Cycle Management does not solely depend upon medical billing and coding. There is a lot of streamlining that is involved in the work process in order to achieve proper revenue goals. HFMA (Healthcare Financial Management Association) interprets the process of revenue cycle management to be all-inclusive clinical and administrative functions that […]

ROI Of Outsourcing Medical Billing

Outsourcing Medical Billing - synergyhcls

For any medical organization to flourish as a business and fulfil its promises to its patients it is important to focus on having great financial health. But to achieve that goal an impeccable management team is key. Outsourcing medical billing can bring a lot of benefits to your organization which acts as an enhancer for […]

Everything You Should Know About Medical Billing and Coding

Medical Billing and Coding program

Medical billing and medical coding are two aspects in the revenue cycle management of healthcare providers which are very close to each other. Both practices are used in an important aspect like reimbursement cycles which means that the services that the healthcare provider is providing, will get the payment for that. To make you understand […]

Denial Management To Denial Prevention

denial management program

A number of healthcare institutions tend to lose out on a chunk of their revenue due to denied claims. An estimation was made where it was seen that the claims that have been denied by the insurance companies do not get resubmitted by the hospitals. The claims that do get denied are mostly because of […]