A business can assign an internal Records Management team to do so or even hire a RMS Vendor for a much professional and time-saving execution.


Identification of Records to be digitized

An enterprise must identify the physical records that need to be digitized. These can be old research documents, efficacy studies etc. Then, the different documents must be segregated under different categories as per the date, importance, etc.

Records Preparation

Before your team can begin scanning the records, they must be clean-No binding, paper clips, pins, or reminder notes on their surface must be present. A professional Records Digitization Service vendor will save a lot of time.

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    1. Scanning is the key part of the digitization process. Nowadays, there are many apps and software available for scanning the documents. One can use optical recognition apps that convert the documents directly into PDFs . We use high-capacity scanners and specialize in volumetric digitization of documents and can do it onsite.

    File Format

    1. OCR or Optical Character Recognition software is used to digitize documents. Professional RMS vendors recommend sticking to the PDF format only.


    1. There is a plethora of storage media to securely contain your digitized records. However, your best investment would be an Electronic Document Management System or EDMS. An EDMS allows you to manage your digital files on the go with access control and protection of sensitive records from intruders and viruses.

    Benefits of Digitized Records for Organizations

    Digitization offers multiple benefits to the enterprises from a Legal, Productivity, Strategic, Tactical and Efficient Bottom line standpoint. Following are the benefits that an enterprise can reap post Digitization of its entire records;